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Oblivion of being (short film 2018)

DoP, Editing

Emma‘s raincoat has the colour of the shining sun. On the way to the supermarket, her blue trolley rumbles over the cobblestones of the small city Feld-kirch. She likes to do the shopping in the morning, right after brushing her teeth. Later, Emma listens to her favourite quiz show on the radio. The 73 year old lives alone. Most of the time.

What at first appears to be the everyday life of an older woman, is getting lost in a maze of memories and thoughts. More and more often, Emma finds herself in situations that make her feel uncomfortable. Days happen to be very short. Strangers speak to her as if they were friends. She can’t find a suitable key for her own door. What‘s real and what‘s happening in her head? As Emma continues to sink into her world, something becomes clear to us. A disease pattern.